Case Studies

Personal testimonies from the Southall Community

Bhapinder’s Story

“I was born and bred in Southall and have lived on Beaconsfield Road for most of my life. My family was living here happily until plans were made to build new homes on the old gasworks site. Since the development started, every day has been a nightmare. The cleaning of contaminated soil over the last couple of years has led to an unbearable toxic stench regularly filling the air. I have suffered from eye issues and heart palpitations and am on strong medication. We want Berkeley to acknowledge its role in causing residents ill-health.”

Angela's Story

“I was employed as a Careers Adviser at Southall Community College for 18 years, but made the difficult decision to leave in September 2018, after experiencing the odour from Southall Waterside within the college for two consecutive years from 2017. While the odour was also prevalent at home, what is most concerning is the impact it has had on my health. I frequently suffer from headaches, nausea, nasal, throat and chest irritation, and I have been prescribed asthma inhalers for these symptoms. My eldest daughter has also been treated for asthma, after complaining of breathing difficulties.”

Danny's Story

“I have lived on Brent Road in Southall for 45 years and have been experiencing issues with poor air quality for the past few years. This has coincided with my youngest daughter experiencing more severe asthma attacks and nosebleeds. She has been regularly going to the GP and to hospital due to becoming unwell because of polluted air. I believe her poor health is a direct consequence of regeneration in Southall led by Berkeley Group on the old gasworks site.”


“I live on the other side of Southall but my son used to attend the Blair Peach primary school in Beaconsfield Road, next to the site. I noticed that he was always ill, with a running nose and sore throat. He was only well when he was out of school in the holidays. Then I began to feel ill on the school run and one night I collapsed at home. I couldn’t breathe or move and had to crawl to the phone to call the doctor. I was pregnant and he said it was hypothyroidism. I believe it was caused by benzene in the air around the school. I was so worried about my son that I moved him to a different school, away from the site.”